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Музика Стиль життя
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If you want to change yourself, it is more likely to manifest your dream by stating a declaration, or an affirmation to yourself.

This app lets you practice an affirmation by stating your declaration using the synthesized voice the recording voice in iPhone & iPad.

You can register the words you want to affirm according to method, then the synthesized voice will read the affirmation.

By registering the tracks in the music app in iPhone & iPad as background music, you can listen to your affirmation along with the chosen track.

The synthesized voice can be played by the languages in iOS. Even if the affirmation is difficult to be read by the synthesized voice, incorrect pronunciation and reading can be avoided because the affirmation and caption are set separately.

In order to practice affirmation at the most effective time, while you fall asleep, this app has timer function to automatically turn off the affirmation (30min & 60min). Therefore you can listen to the synthesized voice and practice your affirmation, as you fall asleep.

Just like operating an iPod, you can easily fast forward, rewind & pause the affirmation, making it possible for this app to be used comfortably in places like a commuter train.

You can also use this app when you want to listen to something repeatedly and memorize, for example an affirmation text or a speech.

The audio speed of the synthesized voice can be adjusted, so you can also say the affirmation together.

You can practice affirmation by the synthesized voice in iPhone & iPad
You can separately register affirmation and caption
You can automatically register a multiline text copied from other app, each line as separate affirmation
You can set the language for each affirmation
You can register numbers of affirmation
You can register affirmation according to method (category)
You can display the affirmation by methods, and select the affirmations that you want to be read
You can register several tracks in music app as background music
You can repeat play
You can set playback speed, pitch, seconds before/after the synthesized voice, and silent pause
You can set the volume for only the synthesized voice
You can use off timer function (30min & 60min)
You can operate the affirmation just like iPod (fast forward, rewind and pause)

How to create a good affirmation:
Create the affirmation with a positive sentence beginning with “I.” Present progressive tense is effective.
If your true feeling is negative about what the affirmation describes, begin the sentence with “I am, for some reason …” or “I am, somehow …”

- I am, somehow, becoming healthier and healthier.
- I am, for some reason, welcoming a new lover.

It is also effective to repeatedly listen to Ho’oponopono “Thank you” “I’m sorry” “Please forgive me” “I love you”

This app does not guarantee an effect from affirmation practice.
The developer does not guarantee anything for any occurred situation as a result of using this app.
The synthesized voice may mispronounce.